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Ep. 10

Hyperspectral Intelligence

In today’s episode of New Space, we talk to Dan Katz, CEO and Co-Founder of Orbital Sidekick, about how we can study Earth at the molecular level from space to improve security and sustainability.

Ep. 09

De-Cluttering the Earth Observation Experience

In today’s episode of New Space, we talk to BlackSky’s Amanda Marchetti, Director of Market Development, and Morgan Cox, Senior Director of Business Development, about how BlackSky simplifies the Earth Observation end-user experience. 

Ep. 08

Looking at Earth Through New Eyes

In this episode, we talk to Chris Robson, co-founder and CEO of Wyvern, about space-based hyperspectral telescopes.

Ep. 07

RF: The World’s Early Warning System

In today's episode of New Space, we talk to Adam Bennett, Vice President of Marketing at HawkEye 360, about the use of RF signals and their unique ability to detect human activity on earth.

Ep. 06

Why Not Get All the Earth Observation Data?

In today’s episode of New Space, we talk to Eric Cote, Director of Data & Analytic Services at Ursa Space Systems, about how their virtual constellation model reveals deeper insights about our physical world.

Ep. 05

Space for Everyone

In this conversation with Mark Carmichael, Satellogic’s Senior Director of Business Development, we discuss Satellogic's mission to lower the cost of access to Earth Observation data.

Ep. 04

Perfecting EO Data Quality

In today’s episode of New Space, we talk to Don Osborne, the CEO of EarthDaily Analytics, about the importance of image quality when it comes to change detection using Earth Observation data. 

Ep. 03

A Search Engine for Satellite Imagery

In this conversation with Jamie Conklin, Head of Product at Astraea, we talk about how his company is democratizing access to Earth Observation imagery. 

Ep. 02

Wi-Fi in the Sky

In this conversation with Dave Bettinger, Chief Executive Officer of SpaceLink, we discuss his vision for a new high-speed communications relay system in space to get data from LEO satellites down to Earth in milliseconds.

Ep. 01

Fueling up in Space

In this conversation with Joel Sercel, founder and CEO of TransAstra, we talk about the logistics of space travel, how his company is solving that problem, and how soon we’ll be living and working in space.